Who is SALT ?

One day my friends invited me to watch salt. Not knowing “Salt” is …

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August 9th, 2010 by TikkoSS

Lunch @ Ozeki Tokyo Cuisine

Live to eat or eat to live? That is the question. Is it too much to agree on both? ..

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August 4th, 2010 by TikkoSS

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

TweetI am a big fan of movies. What movies? All sorts of movies, English, Chinese, Action, Adventure, Humor, Horror, Romantic, Fantasy and of course many more. I am slightly different from others in the sense that I can watch the same movies over and over again. My record on watching Steven Chow’s movies is 38-1/2 times […]

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August 3rd, 2010 by TikkoSS

Lost in KL

A close friend of mine was lost in KL when ..

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July 31st, 2010 by TikkoSS

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