Blogging is part of daily routine nowadays. I don’t quite like the idea of sharing online journal but I like the idea of “Sharing my Senses, Experiences and Thoughts !”

Recently, I get to know that those without website or websiteless as they called it, will be equate to homeless in ancient time. I tried to blend in by first, owning this blog, then move on from here. Btw, I am not homeless in both real and cyber world right now :P

I am sure there are few FAQ About TikkoSS’s Blog. Rather than explaining over and over again, just see below.



i) What is TikkoSS?

TikkoSS is a combination of Tikko and SS. Tikko = Piggy (Chinese-Hokkien) and SS = my name. Why Piggy? Last sacred animal in Chinese Zodiac that I can’t live without it. Have you imagine a day without PORK ? Why SS? SS is just my name..duh.. 

ii) When did TikkoSS first established? 

It was officially established on 11 May 2006. Therefore, I celebrate TikkoSS’s Day on 11 May every year.  

iii) Do you have official mascot or symbols that represent TikkoSS?

It is still work in progress. Considering piggy is “sensitive” to some people, I have to be certain not to offend anyone. Besides, Blogging suppose to make more friends, exciting, fun and cool right !

iv) What is your TikkoSS’s Blog about?

I am a visionary person who believe in sharing as part of achieving infinite/ultimate knowledge and experiences. Selfish is not part of my dictionary. TikkoSS’s Blog will be ”Sharing my Senses, Experiences and Thoughts” on things that I bumped into everyday. That includes JokeSS, TravelSS, ChewSS, ArtSS, GadgetSS and many more to come.



Name : Danny Chew

Gender : Male

Occupation : wannabe Blogger, amateur photographer, rookie fast car driver, novice artists etc.. (will share more in my blog)



Camera #1 : Canon EOS 7D, Speedlite 580 EX II, EF-S 18-135 mm f/3.5-5.6 IS

Camera #2 : Canon PowerShot S2 IS

Camera #3 : Canon DIGITAL IXUS 60

Softwares : Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Picasa 3 (I try to minimize using these)



Got any questions? Suggestions? Contact me at blog@tikkoss.com

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  1. vayljjcc:

    just taking chance to drop by and I love your post.. wow.. you really do it.. congrax

  2. TamRhi:

    Wow, you are using 7D? i love that camera too !

  3. Cammie:

    I love the way you explain about the your blog. creative I would say

  4. Sharon:

    I like your ideas on Sharing your senses, experiences and thoughts.. I will come back again

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