Brunch at Sainsbury’s

How often do you go for holiday? Generally, a typical company will only give approx. 25 days of annual leave. Indirectly, you are only allow to have 25/365 x 100 = 6.8% of opportunity in a year to make something special in your life. If you are lucky to work in a country where it has a lot of public holiday, the percentile will increase by a little. Saturday and Sunday are not counted as holiday as it typically means, “no alarm clock” day or “I just enjoy doing nothing” day!

When I go on holiday, combining breakfast and lunch is kind of common to me, or as many called it brunch. To many, brunch means combining 2 meals into 1 but to me, brunch means, having 2 meals at 1 time. How can I afford to miss a meal especially I am suppose to keep my stomach happy during this period, right? Give my stomach a break too! 2 meals at 1 time?? Oh yea, this is what I have, not long ago at Sainbury’s Aberdeen.

2 x pastries (blueberry muffins and sorta raisin bread) and a drink for breakfast

Fish and Chips for lunch..with yummy sauce

With the combination of various sauces

Chicken Tika Masala with Yellow Rice and Pita Bread .. again for lunch.. I love this most! The gravy.. yum yum..

And.. Cafe Mocha as a closing drink..

How’s that? Is it brunch or breakfast + lunch + dinner to you? This only cost about  £ 38 and it proves that I still have bottomless stomach .. hehe..


Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd.


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