Gurney Drive in Singapore ?

As many of you might aware, I am stuck in Singapore for almost few weeks now. Yes, I am craving for Malaysian Food. Yes, I am craving for Penang food but what should I do when I am physically elsewhere. Not to mention if I need to travel to Penang, it will be quite a long journey by car.

Luckily I have friends here who directed me to Gurney Drive, not the Gurney Drive in Penang but in Singapore instead. The restaurant is strategically located at Suntec City, Singapore. Not so difficult to find but please be prepared to burn your wallet a little. Is it expensive? To me is not, but the concept is like eating Asian food in the middle of London.. get it?

Let me share with you about this place and what I ordered for my lunch..

This is the exterior of the shop.. clean, simple and nice

The interior of the restaurant with some ancient wall photos of Penang Street (must be from Macalister road)

View from the place where I seat

Now comes the Penang Menu.. duh..

You can find Penang Local Side Dishes.. something like appertizer to start with..

Or Penang Favourite Grill.. like ikan bakar, whatever that can bakar.. (bakar – grill in malay)

Or Penang Wok Fried..this must be char kuey teow.. hehe..

and dessert. In other words, this restaurant serves varieties of Penang food.

Now, let’s see what I ordered. From Side Dishes I ordered Lobak as my appertizer.. – S$4.20

From Grill Menu, I ordered Ikan Pari Bakar (Grilled Stingray) – S$7.90

From Wok-Fried Menu, I ordered char kuey teow with prawns and Chinese Sausage – S$6.90

And Gong Bao Mantis Prawn – S$ 6.90

And from Dessert Menu, I ordered Famous Penang Rojak S$4.20

Generally the food taste good and I would say the best I can get from outside Penang. Ohh.. there is one similarity with Penang food that is the potions are really small. Including GST and Service charge, I paid about S$36.60 for this meal.


Gurney Drive


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