Qatar Airways In-flight Meals

What do you normally do when you travel for long hours in a boring flight? As for me, I will probably spend long hours playing all  my iPhone games or enjoying the in-flight entertainment (especially when my morphie juice drains out). Sleeping is really not my cup of tea but sometimes I do enjoy listening to orchestra from snoring sound during the pin drop silence moment in flight.

Ohh, one thing that really makes me excited is the feeding time. In long flight, I will  hope for a decent food or it will definitely ruin my journey. How do the airlines expect their hungry passengers to be happy passengers, right? Before take off, the air stewardess will normally serves a glass of drink of your choice with a menu for you to select for.

During the recent flight from Doha to Singapore, I got to enjoy some ala arabic food.. or I would say more or less like  asian + middle eastern food. These are what I ordered …

Thai Beef and Glass Noodle Salad – with salad and some raw fish and pitta bread. The plain water taste like plain water although it is Evian :S

Lamb Biryani with Arabic Dakous Sauce .. this one is really a thumb up!  hmm.. I would prefer more fried onion tho..

Passenger at my side which happen to be my Mom chose this, Chicken Picatta with Lemon and Sage Scented Jus with Steam potatoes and witted spinach. Quite a mouthful when you order it but apparently it tasted better than it looks..:P

I suppose to get a cheese plate but I don’t know what happen to it but this Sweet Finale – Caramel Pudding taste good too! I love the caramel..

Last but not least, a dinky box of my fav. Godiva Chocolatier..

Did you see it yet? I embeded some tips in this post. If you want to go on anti-diet, travel as frequent as humanly possible. With that, I am sure in six months time, you will be fat ..I mean sexy like me.. :P

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