Famous Azeri Food

Walking around the city of wind, led me to this place, not far from Maiden Tower where I can try all Famous Azeri Food. Speaking of Maiden Tower and City of Wind, you must be wondering where am I and what I am talking about.

I was at Baku, Azerbaijan and I am here to enjoy most of the local delicacies. It is kind of hard to explain the geographical location of this place but I know it is situated beside Caspian Sea. Anyway, I guess in future post, I should write less and put more pictures. With that, I am sure I can share most of my travel photos and besides, words makes people sleep? Let’s try with this post first..

White Cheese, Goat Cheese and Salty Cheese

Azerbaijani Dolma

Azerbaijani Brinjal Chutney

Azeri Mimosa (not so sure :P )

Qutab (this one macam chapati abit .. hehe)

Various Meat Kebab

Fruits Basket, Fruits Pickles, Vegetables Salad, Preserved Meat, Raw Meat and Khalva drinks

Now you tell me, isn’t it challenging for me to maintain my weight? Don’t be surprise if you see fat TikkoSS walking around next time.. :P

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