Cricket – Is it really a sport?

Cricket is a bat and ball game. Not the Batman bat but it is club bat bat.  Cricket can be traced back to Tudor times in early 16th century England. Oh yea it has a very long history, long before you and me.

The game is widely play in England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, South Africa and many parts of the world. People talk about it like people talk about football.

Sometimes, people challenge each on cricket game to show the sign of sportsmanship, teamwork and checking who the best is!

When comes to check who the best is, Chinese always want to be part of the major society. So, they crashed into world community and wanting to challenge on cricket. They thought they are the best and have been playing with it since ancient Chinese dynasty era.

On the duel day, everyone come with their gears, bats, uniforms and ready to roll except Chinese. You wouldn’t believe that Chinese did not come with their sport gears but they bring a tumbler instead. Everyone is puzzled and the ambience turned into pin drop silence.

While everyone thought they are referring cricket as bat and ball game, Chinese thought it is a cricket (insects that produce chirping sound) fight..

Lesson Learnt: Get your facts right before challenging anyone!

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