iRobot – Roomba

Maid is a female employed domestic service. Duh.. who don’t know about this, right? But have you ever wonder why only female and not male? I’m not trying to be sexist here but really, have you ever wonder why? They look kind of cute in maid costume as well, don’t you think?

Ok, forget about cross dress because that is not the answer. OK, there are indeed male maid as well but it is called valet, man servant, housekeeper or houseman. LOL. I know you will say I am tricking you in English but hey, I am trying to improve your vocab here.

In a decade time, you no longer called maid as maid or valet as valet. At that time, people will only know about iRobot or some automated cleaners to do most of the house chores. I know many will ask, is this the latest invention of Apple? I have iPhone and iPad here..  but.. the answer is NO.

Please don’t relate every single word that started with “i” to Apple. iRobot here is a vacuum cleaning robot and not some mobile device. It cannot do Facetime or iMessage or any Apps functionality BUT you can use the remote to control it OR Virtual Wall Lighthouse to restrict the movement.

Like nothing uncommon, there are also a lot of Chinese imitated products which claimed to be the same like Roomba but I can roughly pointed out some differences. You can set multiple timers on various days in a week, it is self adjusting between floor types and got 3 stages cleaning system.

With the combination between spinning side brush, counter rotating brushes and powerful vacuum, Roomba can easily clean your whole house even on unreachable places such as under the sofa and bed. Don’t worry if it will fall on stairs because it is equipped with cliff detection sensors.

When you are tired, you do know where to find your bolster and bed. Roomba will also find its own docking station when the battery is exhausted. It is like, once you put it on, you can forget about it. Eh.. that is not really true to certain extend.

You might need to clean the dust trap, filters and brushes once in awhile. Maybe once every two weeks? This robot cost about RM 2400 when I first bought it two years ago. If you do your math right, that is almost two months of human maid.

Sometime human maid gives you human problems but with iRobot Roomba, you are problem free!


iRobot – Roomba


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  1. cutebun says:

    Wow! U own irobot! kinda cool

  2. claire says:

    Looks interesting… might be handy for me. :)

  3. FiSh says:

    wow so cool. suitable for lazy people like me ;P

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  4. foongpc says:

    Apple should sue them for using the i before the Robot! LOL!

  5. foongpc says:

    I want iRobot!! Since you are not using yours, pass it to me lah! :smile:

  6. foongpc says:

    But can it clean all those corners effectively?

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