Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

Did you know that the production of Finding Nemo lead to the reduction of real life aquariums? As much as we consider ourselves as creatures with higher intelligence, we are meant to protect the weaker one, right? At least that is what the textbook of Animal Right says.

I am not much of a diver, so in a way, I am physically challenge to intrude wild marine habitats which already supplementing my part as the “intelligent” one to protect the stupider species. Also, be thankful that I am not one of the seafood-eater type :P oh yea..that helps too !

Instead of invading their home, I decided to pay RMB 160 (~RM80) to say hi to them. Yes, you can do that in Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, situated not far from Oriental Pearl Tower. The opening time is from 9 to 5 but try to schedule your visit during the feeding time.

Some say a hungry man is an angry man. Same applies to animals and fishes, I guess. So, buckle up and get to see them in real actions. Don’t expect too much as you don’t get to feed them literally. All you get is to watch some professional divers do that. Kids, don’t try this at home!

Once you have entered the entrance, you are greeted with ancient fossils which have nothing to resemble an aquarium. Not only that, you get to see real Beijing Duck, as in the “breathing” version as well. I felt as if the quacking sounds signify the word welcome in duck language.

I find it a little odd as there is a crocodile in salt water aquarium? If you have limited knowledge in animal kingdom, crocodile is a fresh water creature. My adrenalin rush gives me a great gut to ask a stranger if it is real but it turns out to be just a sculpture.

Guess what, there are also some other weird marine species there too!

That includes jelly fish. Personally, I am not fancy with brainless fish and I bet Dory will agree with me as well but modernize lightings make the transparent creatures more attractive. This is the time I bring out my big bulky camera to snap few photos in low light condition.

Marvelous isn’t it? Have you hear about Lion fish? It is a cute deepwater fish with venomous spikes. Amazing isn’t it? Sometimes, I really enjoy seeing the miracle in this world that makes me wonder, I really don’t know anything, do I?

I hope before I see the tunnel of light I get to see more. Eh..wait a minute, there is also another tunnel of light over here and it is underwater! Please don’t ask me what are those fishes name because I seriously have no clue.

What I do know is I did enjoy to the max when I paid a visit to this aquarium. Although I paid high ticket fee, this is really cheaper as compare to go for real diving to see marine life, right? AND I do not need to spend more on water proof camera casing to take great photos :P Don’t you agree?


Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

No. 1388, Lujiazui Ring Road, Pudong New Area,

200120 Shanghai, China.



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  1. You captured a nice photo especially through the glasses. I always have the hard time in this. Did you managed to witness the feeding show? The crocodile looks like real, not until you mentioned it is a sculpture. :???:

    • TikkoSS says:

      hey.. thanks for that.. it is not easy but just need to hold hand still.. yea the feeding is awesome..especially with shark and turtle..

  2. FiSh says:

    it reminds me of HK ocean park, where the kids love it alot :) i dont dare to feed the animals there anyway lol

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  3. Alice says:

    I don’t know that tikkoss does speak the “duck” language. Thought tikkoss only know mouse language :mrgreen:

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