ERA Intersection of Time

What is it all about, looks? Looks will determine everything. You want people to judge you by your character, what you feel inside, people don’t care. What they care about is your look. If you have good look, you are going to have a good life but if you look bad, you better work on it.

The uglier you are, the smarter you better be. For every 10 pounds that you are overweight you better pick up a book or you better get two books and get a computer wire at it. I was at the nick game. When I look at the seat, the higher the seat got the ugly the people got. I don’t need ticket. I just look at faces. Ohh you gotta go up top!

Ohh..That is just a lame joke that came across my mind when I placed a booking on “ERA Intersection of Time” stage performance. I did not go all the way up, I choose the middle seat instead because I am neither ugly nor pretty.

What exactly is this? This is the Shanghai version of Cookin’ Nanta – Korean Best No. 1 Performance      and MISO – Original Korean Musical. I would like to call it a circus because it was held in Shanghai Circus World, but really, this is a combination of modern + traditional musical show with some extreme and impressive live actions.

I spent about 30 minutes to get there (included some “lost” time) and when I reached, the place was already congested with people. It is quite easy to locate as the venue is approximately 5 min walk from the subway station and you will not miss the big giant porcupine building.

Ohh, it is not as simple as you go there and get the ticket. You need to pre-book your ticket and collect it a day before the showing time. I can tell you it is a hassle considering the ticket collection counter is not at the same place. I made it, which shows that how determine I am to watch this show.

 I have experienced real time circus, musical show, stage comedy, extreme games etc. Believe it or not if I tell you, this is the combination of all that. All the stage performers are multi talented that for sure will keep you occupied for about 1.5 hours.

At first I thought this is just another stage performance but when I was there, I know I made a right choice. IT started slowly with soft music and some acrobatic acts, then gradually shift to musical, comedy, some impressive hanging stunts and last but not least the SPACE SCOOTERS (8 motorcycles in the big giant steel globe)

Many might ask me what exactly happen in there.. but hey, sorry, I cannot tell you more details than that. You have to go and try it yourself. The performance shows nothing is impossible and I am quite amaze with all the stunts that they put up.

Imagine 5 girls fit in small vase.. that is just a slice of fascinating things happen in there. Ohh if you want to know more, maybe you can ask Mr. Tom Cruise because he watched this show before too!

All I can say is.. WOW … I can still recalled the thrilling moment even after the shows end. The seat cost me about RMB 380 (~RM 190) and honestly, it is worth watching because for a second, I felt my heart was stop pumping.


ERA Intersection of Time

Shanghai Circus World

HOTLINE: +86 21 6652 5468



Ticket Price: USD 16, 34, 51, 68, 102

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  1. missyblurkit says:

    not been to a circus for ages. but this one you mentioned is no usual circus. this is quite some performance.

  2. Karen90 says:

    Wow, look like you so enjoy. I don’t agreed with your fist paragraph, but, it is a reality. :twisted:

    Latest: 22 years old [Happy Birthday]

  3. Alice says:

    This seems really cool. I like live performance too and very much like to try one of these one day…

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