Guihua Lou

With RMB 163.30 (~RM 80), you are completely ready to start your wonderful days ahead. Slap by reality now, I have to figure out what I need to order for my breakfast, not bread and butter again :(


Guihua Lou (inside Shangri-la Pudong)

33, Fu Cheng Lu, Pudong,

Shanghai, China

TEL: +86 21 6882 8888


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13 comments on this post.
  1. Rebecca:

    Errmm so the food is good.. but u’re not eating pork? It’s porkless? Huh?

  2. TikkoSS:

    not in shanghai but here.. yea.. pretty much porkless now..

  3. Kelvin Tan:

    Expensive for dim sum.

  4. Eunice:

    :razz: The porcupine so cute!! I wanna do that on my own nex time!xD

  5. Diana Diane Teo:

    Greetings from Philippines and hello Tikkoss. Thanks so much for visiting and comment on my blog. I am so grateful for what you did. Please forgive me for never visit your blog but now, here am I to read your blog. Hehehe..

    I haven’t been to Shanghai yet but it has been one of my travel bucket list for so long. Hopefully someday. The porcupine custard bun is indeed so cute. How come Shanghai is porkless? I thought it should be pork everywhere. For Philippines, everywhere is full with pork. That’s why I call it as Pork Paradise. Nice to know you by the way. Have a great day.

  6. FiSh:

    the porcupine siew long bao is just too cute to be eaten! :)

    Latest: Innovative Chinese Buns

  7. Merryn:

    So CUTE the porcupine! Sigh… i can’t find cute stuffs in malaysia :(

  8. TikkoSS:

    you can.. u just need to keep looking.. :P

  9. TikkoSS:

    oh yea.. i think it is creatively done.. i felt reluctant to eat it but at the end still ended up in my stomach.. hehe

  10. TikkoSS:

    u know how to do it? when you do it.. post in your blog.. i also wanna see..

  11. TikkoSS:

    i think it is quite reasonable in the middle of shanghai city.. but yea.. slightly expensive for me too..

  12. TikkoSS:

    thanks alot for visiting my blog.. you have a really nice blog too. it is ok for never visiting my blog. there is always a first time and believe it or not, I have faith that you will come back again.

    I hope you can visit shanghai one day too because it is a very nice place .. shanghai is not porkless but place where I am right now is. I love pork and I should visit pork paradise one day.. hehe..

    nice to know you too

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