Wing Heong – The Best Char Siu, Siu Yok, Siu Kai Ever !

Few days ago, while dating my dreamgirl, all of the sudden the dream turned wild. I know what you are thinking. No..not turning into WET but it turned into terrified horror when I appear to be a victim of drought and famine.

Guess what, in a split second, char siu, siu yok and siu kai dropped from the sky like in the movie Meatballs. Maybe I watch too many movies but the point is, I woke up craving for all these siu siu siu rice.

Reality slapped me when I realized that I am in the middle of Chinaland. So, how to ease my craving? No choice but to flip back at all my photos and I found this place. This is the closest I can get.

Kedai Makanan Wing Heong is always the right choice. Not only it cans fill your stomach easily when you are there physically but it also can ease your cravings when you are not there! Don’t be surprise what you can get in this small hawker stalls.

Cockroaches? Unhygienic place? No no.. this place is surprisingly decent. I will not use the word clean but it is free from ‘uninvited’ small crawling creatures and at least my stomach did not reject the food after that.

Some people have no money to buy a decent food. In my case, I am not rich but I cannot get decent food now even I have some money. This place is definitely affordable. With only about RM 3.50 – RM 9, you can get a lifetime experience to eat the tastiest siu yok or siu kai or char siu freshly chop for you.. imagine that !

Seafood?? Unfortunately this is not a seafood place. Too bad..However, this place serves very delicious assamfish. I might be slightly bias when I said this but I prefer assamfish here as compare to Restoran Peng Heong Hakka Paikut.

On top of that, they also serve “dan tong”. That time, I tried the chicken “sayong choi tong”. Ok.. don’t be critical on me as I don’t know how to translate all these in English. Besides, even if you speak English to them, I doubt they will know.

Both the BBQ chicken and pork are my all favorite here. It is nicely cooked and the chicken is slightly soft and tendery. Not over cook of course as I can still taste the juicy pork. The roasted pork is a must try. The texture is good and I particularly love the crispy skins.

You can call me pork lover but I don’t think I can survive a day without pork. That is why my plan on becoming a vegetarian is just a wishful thinking and never materializes. Food is excellent, price is affordable except slightly warm and definitely worth to give it a try when you are around the vicinity.


Kedai Makanan Wing Heong

(Nearby Public Bank)

Off Jalan Besar, Seri Kembangan,


GPS: 3.018598, 101.703218

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