Nature Call

Walking in multilevel shopping mall can be very tiring especially when you carry an UN-detachable weight of 80 kg with you. Not literally carry but I am referring to the tummy and fat if you have one.

It gets frustrating when you are in urgent need for nature call. What I mean is when you need to do the “big” stuff. Hunting for toilet is never easy especially in a congested mall.

This foreign gentleman was happily shopping with his gf when suddenly the nature call. Not knowing how to read in Chinese, he was rushing for toilet to ease himself. After hunting in few different levels, he can sense that the ‘thing’ is an inch close to explode.

One good Samaritan noticed his awkward behavior and told him that the nearest toilet is at the ground level and that is 5 story down. So he used his last energy to keep the flesh close and quickly rush to the ground floor by escalator.

Before reaching the ground floor, he sighted a toilet sign above him.  Without hesitation he dashed to the toilet and released himself. Quite an explosion I have to say.

All of the sudden, many people knocked on his door. Wondering on what exactly happen, he realized there is no toilet paper and not water. Feeling embarrassed, he used a side flyer to clean himself.

To his greatest surprise, when he opened the door, a lot of salesman waiting for him with angry faces. He paused for a few moments and soon after that, he realized that he was actually in showroom for toilet demo.

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  1. Isaac Tan says:

    lol, nvm la, there’s so many salesmen to wash up the demo toilet after that :)

  2. I love your blog and the creativity you bring to it. Thanks!!!

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