Jesus vs Satan

AS you know, plagiarizing other’s work is a cheap shot to gain success. I am a believer in originality or genuine post as many people might know. There is no post is a bad post as it is a proof of one’s hard work and effort.

But today, I am going to break this rules to share with you something that I personally think is humorously meaningful. This is a snapshot from Virtual Hilarity in Reader Digest, February 2003 edition:

Jesus and Satan were arguing over who was better with computer. Finally God suggested a way to settle it: Each would spend two hours using spreadsheets, designing web pages, making charts and tables.

Two sat at their keyboards and began typing furiously. Just before the two hours were up, the power went out. Once it came back on, they booted their computers.

“It’s gone! It’s all gone!” Satan screamed. “My work was destroyed!”

Meanwhile, Jesus began printing out his work. “Hey, he must have cheated!” Satan yelled. “How come his stuff wasn’t lost?”

God shrugged and said simply, “Jesus saves.”


in Reader Digest February 2003

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