Chocolate Muffin Cupcake

Chocolate Muffin Cupcake


180 g Butter

100 g Margarine

225 g Brown sugar

5 Eggs

225 g Self-raising flour

1 tbsp instant coffee (Mix with 1 tsp warm water)

30 g Cocoa powder

Chocolate condensed milk



1.  Well beaten butter, margarine, brown sugar and eggs until creamy. Add the egg one at a time to prevent curdling.

2. Fold in self-raising flour, instant coffee mixture and cocoa powder to creamed mixture

3. Add cupcake paper into each cupcake mould. Pour creamed mixture into each mould about ½ full. Add condensed milk in the middle. Pour creamed mixture on top of condensed milk until ¾ full.

4. Pre-heat oven to 180 deg.

5. Bake cupcake for 10 minutes at 180 deg. Ready to be served.

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