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E.T or Extra Terrestrial is a term used to refer to alien. What is alien? Alien is not only referring to 8 legged ugly and disgusting creatures but also referring to a person who comes from a foreign country.

To some extend, I feel like I am an E.T. in Korea (let me be clear, it is E.T. not E.D.). Not knowing where am I, sometime not even iPhone compass or GPS helps as most places are full with alienated language.

Walking around like a headless chicken also can bring me to wonderful places. The feeling is like venturing into something you never know it exists! I love the feeling of exploring and excited when see some nice architectures.

What you need is just a reference point to begin with. Usually it will be a subway station, hotel, famous places, airport or even a high rise building. Why do I need it? At least you can find your way back especially when you are in twilight zone or LOST!

To learn about local culture, you need to be earthworm (know how to dig into various local hideout). If you follow local tours, all you can see is only the beauty side of everything.

This time, “The Journey to the Center of theSeoulCity” brings me to Nandaemun Market, Dongdaemun market and Chungmuro. I labeled these places as heaven for tourists and ladies in particular.

Almost every 100 meters, there will be cosmetic shops. Facial masks, nail polished, lipsticks, slimming pills bla bla bla.. name it and you get it. I guess the best thing for me is to enjoy the scenery rather than all those artificial thingy :P

If you are patient enough and have the stamina to walk, I bet you can get the cheapest deal too. Some even offer 50%, 60% and up to 70% discount on all “ladies must have products”.

Although I am not a fan of all these, I spotted Sizuka in Korea, not Japan. If you follow Doraemon Comic, Sizuka is the lead female character but in this case it is a beautician centre.

Too bad my toenails are too shot at that time else I will give a try on the pedicure as it only costs about 30 000 won which is equivalent to RM 90. Is it expensive? I really have no clue. I just think it would be nice if someone working on my toe. Hope he/she will not faint!

Some of the shops really caught my sight. One of it is PiGi Chicken. When I look at it, I am confused. Are they selling chicken or pig? I still haven’t figured it out yet. Then I saw this ABC Mart and I really wonder if they are running out of nicer name.

Soon after that, I saw a bar that is not exactly inTexasbut called Texas Bar. Funny thing is, they hardly speak good English :P and don’t know who is Elvis Presley.

I managed to snap a photo of cute mascot which I don’t know what is he/she promoting. All I can say is he/she is acting real funny. Still remember Felix the Cat? No? Too bad as there is a big store selling all Felix products.

There are few things that I am impressed or amazed. One of it is nude exhibition during daylight, esthetic building just for visitors to rest, shop that sells fresh fish head and fish bones ONLY and Chinese calligrapher who was performing in the middle of Korean crowds (what is he even thinking?).

My jaw is wide open when I see the rubbish disposal area! I am never felt so impressed with rubbish collector and the rubbish disposal system. I can tell you, this is probably one of the most sophisticated thing in this whole area. Automatic rubbish disposal! WOW!

Missing Malaysia already? I got a cure for you. The shops above look familiar? I didn’t know Bee Cheng Hiang and Rotiboy are inKorea too! I quickly grab few Rotiboy buns and try it. Beside slightly more expensive, I think it tastes the same..hehe

For the fan of Watson and Uniqlo, they are here too! So being an alien in an alien country does not necessary means it is a bad thing. In fact, it is rather a nice adventure by using a silent language or sign language as many would say.

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