Sometime you might be wondering why we crave for certain food. If you are pregnant, you have all the reasons to blame the baby in you who is shouting for particular food. What if you are the opposite gender? What will be the justification?

Hormones? Subconscious? Or because of unexplained chemistry? I don’t know actually and I bet no one can give a precise answer to why you are behaving that way but to me, I normally blame my round pregnant alike tummy.

While walking on hustle bustle shopping street, my subconscious triggers my hormone to create this unusual desire for PORK. My nose becomes extremely sensitive to detect all related pork materials.

My sniffing ability led me to this small Korean Restaurant. This is not a super high class place but rather a classical Korean restaurant with short table, dining on wooden floor AND all in signs and menu are written in alien characters.

After spending days and nights in KimChiland, I am not surprise that the first dish they served is Kim Chi.  Spot on! I think I can be a fortune teller after this. What I like is, in many Korean restaurants, they will serve you with free flow of ice water for FREE!

Some might asked “Who is that handsome dude in the photos?” IF you don’t know me, I am not surprise because “It is harder to be famous in silence!”.. (*Coughing BULLSHIT) ..

My pregnant alike tummy ordered a whole stew pork leg, cold ramen (more like ice ramen) and complimentary dip sauce (something like cencalok – small prawns). No rice involved but purely ramen and pork leg for my lunch.

I have to emphasize that this photo is not an optic illusion or undergo post processing but the pork leg is really really really deliciously tempting. IT is nicely sliced and decorated with fresh vegetables for balancing the diet.

Cold ramen is super cold. Like super ice freezing cold and it is ideal for summer time. This was the first time I tried it and I would love to go for more.

It has been awhile since I last posted on fat that I successfully consumed. I must admit that one whole pork leg + cold ramen are a lot for lunch but I can assure you that TikkoSS’s bottomless stomach is really bottomless.

AGAIN, I have successfully finished all the dishes that I have ordered. It is a great success for my tummy and a greater success for maintaining the title of “NO WASTE POLICY”.

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  1. alice says:

    gosh that must be a very big PIG to have such a BIG leg…hahaha

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