Canton-i @ Sunway Pyramid

Recently, “i” is very famous. I bet you know about iPod, iTunes, iTouch and iPhone. I am not sure what “i” stands for but many believe that it is an abbreviation for “intelligent” but it can also be “idiot” :p.

 If you remember that I wrote about Dragon-i @ Pavillion, KL before, now I am going to write about Canton-i. Yes, both are equally well known and both have the famous “i” too. Hehe. If Dragon-i is famous with Shanghai Cuisine, Canton-i is famous with Hong Kong Cuisine.

What so special about this restaurant? I don’t know, really but what I do know is I need a place to grab a quick lunch. To me, all these franchise served very decent food and the quality is well maintained too.

When come to this place, I am expecting a certain standard on their service and not to mention the restaurant ambience too. If the place is below my expectation, probably you will never see from me again. I am a man with standard, remember?

Like I just said, this is a quick lunch so please don’t expect many fancy dishes from me this time. You know I do have bottomless stomach but sometimes, I do grab a quick bite. Might be only sandwiches (nah don’t really like sandwiches) or donuts.

I ordered Stew Yee Mee, custard bun and Fu Chok Roll. Personally, I like this stew Yee Mee very much. It is best served when it is still hot as the noodles will get slightly dry and salty after it gets colder. Is that a scallop? Yes it is. The main ingredient is BIG BIG scallop beside shitake mushroom, carrot and broccoli.

Custard bun is my all time favorite. When you take the first bite, the sensation of warm custard melting my mouth is heavenly. This is comparable with custard bun in Dragon-i @ Pavillion, KL despite the purple color is a bit of a turn off.

Fu Chook Roll is another dim sum that I usually ordered but surprisingly the Fu Chok roll over here is not every impressive. Edible, taste ok but I expect something better. Call me fussy but I still finish it tho :P

One thing that I like about this place is the dragon fruit juice.  It is not ice blended but I called it ice crushes.  Not too sweet, not too diluted and it is just fantabulous. I would have order for two glasses if I have to :)

I paid about RM 79 for this meal. Expensive? I think it is slightly on the expensive side but hey, BIG SCALLOPS wor, 2 baskets of custard bun wor, Fu Chok Roll wor and of course my favorite Dragon Fruit Juice WOR! I will come back again for sure, will you?


Canton-i @ Sunway Pyramid

G1.112, G1.113, Ground Floor Blue Atrium,

No. 3 Jalan PJS 11/15,

Bandar Sunway,

46150 Petaling Jaya,

Kuala Lumpur.

TEL: +603-5636 2888

GPS: 3.072017,101.607002

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  1. Caroline says:

    y dnt like sandwich?? i love it! mwahaha n dragon fruit juice too! :D

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