Sea Village Sea Food Restaurant

What is good about Miri? Beside the best cinema (the one and only cinema) with cockroach, all I can think of is cheap seafood. Ops.. I am just being sarcastic about the cinema but damn serious about the cheap seafood.  Almost every restaurant sells cheap seafood.

Have a think about it. If every restaurant sells seafood, which one is the best? There is no such thing as the best but I can direct you to a nice restaurant, Sea Village Sea Food Restaurant. The restaurant is located by the Miri river bank. If you are lucky, you will get to see the boat cruising through.

Now is the best time to visit this restaurant. Not so hot and not so cold at night.  This restaurant is an open air restaurant but of course you can dine in shaded place too.

If you look at the surrounding, you know that I am not aiming for fine dining but a fulfilling dinner instead. I only ordered 3 dishes here but I can tell you upfront that the portion is big. I mean really big. Don’t worry about the bills later as I have been to this place for ample of times and I am still coming back.

Although I preferred to be called meat eater, I ordered a simple stir fried vegetables to disguise myself. Nothing special about this dish.  In fact, this is another dish that I usual ordered to make myself more human. I mean omnivore and also to complete my balance diet. LOL

Now is the time for main dish (previous one is just side order.. hehe). I have ordered 1kg of Mongolian Style Crabs. Yes you heard me right, 1kg! Guess how much does it cost? RM 80? RM 50? Nah.. not so expensive. It only cost me about RM 20 for 1kg of crabs. Good deal isn’t it?

What is Mongolian style? Mongolian style means slightly sweet, spicy and creamy with black pepperish taste. If you like to eat the crab egg, you can request from the waiters to choose for female crabs (more chance to get the crab eggs but no gurantee).

Ohh, this place did not provide either small hammer or shell crusher. Either bring your own or use ur own teeth to bite. Try not ask from the waiter.  This is what happens when I asked from the waiter. He literally brought a big spoon for me. I asked, “Why are you bringing me the spoon?” he replied, “We don’t have small hammer, maybe you can use this to break the shell.” That really burst into my laughter. Breaking hard shell with spoon??

Another set of specialty here is the home fried chicken with salt-lime dip. The crispy chicken skins taste awesome when it serves straight from the frying pan. The downside is you can only order for whole bird. They don’t serve smaller portion than that.

Let me tell you, hungry TikkoSS can finish almost anything. One bird? It is never a big problem BUT it is a real problem when I have to finish the whole bird + 1kg of crabs + 1 vegetables + coconut drinks. I can tell you even my bottomless stomach faced some challenge at that time. If you follow my blog long enough, you know I don’t waste food that I ordered. So, did I finish it?

Ohh.. Absolutely. I felt abit bloated after completing this meal but hey, I felt very satisfied. Not to be disgusting here to post the empty plates but I took about 2.5 hours to complete this dinner. I can tell you, everyone looks at me in a very strange way.

I can sense that they were wondering what this man trying to proof. Order so much. I am sure some of them even betting if I can finish all. Well, if they did, they will be in great disappointment because I finished all the dishes as usual. It is a total SatisFATing.  

How much did I pay? Only RM 50.40! Oh yea, this dinner is really cheap. That is why I said earlier, I will come back to this place again.


Sea Village Sea Food Restaurant

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  1. jfook says:

    Ehh the crab looks good. But I like salted egg one. Had one in Pending, Kuching damn nice can haha

  2. CaDLyNN says:

    tikkossss!!! lama tak masuk sini.. happy chinese new year to u!!!

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