Tanjung Seafood Restaurant @ Miri, Sarawak

How do you feel when you skip blogging for few days? Normal? That is so not normal to me. How can I abandon my blog even for a single day? But, this is something that I have to deal with when I was in Miri recently.

If you want to go online, the hotel will charge you RM30 ++ for 1 hour or RM 60++ for one whole day. I might be desperately needed to connect to virtual world but I am not willing to pay for that amount. One month of streamyx only cost about RM88. Pardon me but I am not stupid or super damn rich.

I know many of you was wondering what happen to me in Miri, so I decided to leak a little information about what’s nice in Miri. Not sexy girl, not big bungalow but FOOD of course.

Calling for cheap seafood, how can it be compared with SEAFOOD in Tanjung Seafood Restaurant? Please don’t expect to be fully air-conditioned or high class restaurant but this is another typical Miri restaurant that might not look appealing from the outlook but I can tell you, there hidden gems beneath every dish.

If you seriously have no clue on what is good over here, try “Bilin”. Is a sorta green vegetables stir fried with red wine that only available in Miri or Sarawak (I think). Some of my friends told me you get this vegetable from Cameron Highland but I never see it myself YET.  

Don’t worry! You won’t get drunk from the red wine. Hehe.

Ohh..I ordered kam heong cockles. As you can see, they removed half of the shells to make the portion looks bigger. Lol. I bet this is similar in most of the restaurants. It is called “Restaurant’s Optic Illusion”.  

This dish is good but slightly spicy. Somehow I will not rank it as one of my favorites. Well, fat people are lazy and same goes to me. If they removed the shells completely, I will consider on putting this dish in my food wishlist :P

Ohh.. not knowing what else is good here, I decided to ask the ask the waiter to recommend. Let me quoted what she said, “You like to eat tofu? Guys normally like to eat tofu. We got very nice tofu here with some broccoli and mushroom. Feelling weird (try stop that tofu topic), I just said,”Ok. Give me one!”

When the dish is served, I thought this dish will definitely cost more than RM 50. Look at the ingredients. It has sea cucumber, abalone mushroom, big prawn, etc. All looks so expensive! I have strong feeling that I got slaughter this time. Maybe I look like a damn stupid tourist with my DSLR.

 Not to “potong steam” while eating so, I decided to eat first, worry about the bill later. No doubt this dish is really good. No wonder the waiter said a lot of customer ordered this. (although I thought she is lying to me at that time.. where got people say their dish not nice, right?)

And the main highlight, Sweet and sour crabs. In Miri, you can easily order crabs dishes and you don’t need to wait for “CRAB Seasons”. They have variety of cooking style from spicy to sweet and sour, from local to international style and many more.

Normally I don’t eat crab when I am outside. To maintain my image and reputation maa but since I am alone, wth, just go for it. Ok! Please stop imagining how I look like while eating crab! Not to brag but I know I look good all the time. LOL.. puke..

One “must try” drink in Miri beside Kokoberry Bubble Milk Tea is 3 layer drinks. I know I wrote about 3 layer drinks in ABC Food’s Corner but this is totally different. The last layer is barley green (xiao mai chao) instead of coconut sugar.

Guess how much I paid for all these? Considering that I mentioned I might get slaughter? I only paid about RM48.30 for this meal. Cheap isn’t it? I bet you will not get the similar quality or portion in KL. If you happen to drop by Miri, go try it out. The restaurant is just right infront of Marriot Hotel.


Tanjung Seafood Restaurant Miri, Sarawak

GPS: 4.372428,113.969507

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  1. Xing says:

    The vege is kinda gerli to me. It looks so curly one. Next time eat the cockles shell together. and and..lets go for seafood together sometime!!!!

    Interesting post u have here. =)

  2. hildamilda says:

    OMG, xing should really try midin before judging it. Everyone loves it! :P RM48.30 for this meal is really cheapppp OMG I know this restaurant btw hehe

    • TikkoSS says:

      hilda.. it is called midin meh? i tot they say is bilin? lol…i agree .. everyone loves it..I am so happy you know this restaurant.. hehe.. ! seem like the world is getting smaller

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