Smartphone With Wireless Capability

A gadget noob just bought a smartphone with wireless capability and happily explored it. All of the sudden,the battery flat off. 

“The brochure claimed that it can lasted for 8 hours but now I have only used it for 8 min. I think there is something wrong with the phone”, he whispered to himself silently.

“Ohh, I must have forgotten to charge it earlier. Erm the instruction said connect the charger to the power supply to charge the phone”, he carefully read and follow the instruction.

After few minutes later,the phone is still not working. He lost his temper n started to curse,”I guess I have been cheated. The phone only lasted for 8min and the charger is spoilt”. He decided to call the service centre and lodged a complaint. 

“Hello, sir how can I help you”, asked the customer service officer politely. “I’ve been cheated by your company. The wireless phone that i just bought few hours ago is spoilt now! I cannot even turn on the phone! the charger is spoilt too!” he complaint.

“Please calm down, sir. Our company is a reputable company. All our products are being tested before we sell them to our customers. Maybe I can assist you. Did you follow the instruction to charge the phone first?” The officer patiently explained.

He responded agitatedly,”Yes, I did. I know I’m new to this gadget but I did followed the instruction. I plugged in the charger to the power supply but the phone is still not working!”

The operator felt slightly awkward as this issue has never been raised before. So, he curiously asked,”Can you please check if the charger connection to phone is properly inserted?” he paused awhile and replied, “Do I need to do that?” the officer nearly burst out of his laughter but he answered professionally,”Sir,you need to connect the charger to both the power supply and your phone in order to charge it.”

He sarcastically responded,”I thought it is a wireless smartphone or this is another marketing gimmick? This confirmed that i have been cheated because The phone is not so smart afterall !”

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  1. Albert says:

    wtf la this customer hahahahaha

  2. Qi Wen says:

    I guess it just made my day and the operator’s? haha XD

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