Restoran Wah Tin @ Kepong

Someone asked me, “TikkoSS, you eat so much but how come your tummy still not inflated?” Er.. Honestly, I don’t know. It either my intestine did not absorb properly or I’m continuously feeding BIG HUNGRY WORMS in my stomach.

Knowing the facts that I love to eat and wanting to feed my tummy badly, my friend usually call me when they find out some nice or new restaurant. Not necessary high class restaurant, even simple roadside restaurant will do. This time they bring me to Restoran Wah Tin in Kepong.

I’m totally into sitting by roadside and have a nice dinner. Not romantic but with low lighting and carbon monoxide, I am sure it can add some flavor to it. If you’re more of a hygienic person, well, you can go to the air condition section but you will lose out the “environmental touch” then.

Sometime this restaurant is giving out pretty attractive deal. RM 5 for a bowl of sharkfin for instance or Big Crab for only RM12.  As you know, as sharkfin lover, how can I resist this temptation, right?

Not to grumble but a bowl of sharkfin just ain’t going to be enough for me. The waiter suggested steam egg with century eggs, stew Japanese tofu and green vegetables. Probably these are the few common dishes that they are good at.

No questions about it because they really good in preparing these “common dishes”. I wouldn’t be surprised if other restaurant also can also do the same. Personally, I enjoyed the stew Japanese Tofu. The way they prepare the tofu gravy tastes almost similar to sharkfin soup.  Yum yum !

Also, I have ordered my all time favorite, Cheong Jing Fish. The sauce is somewhat different from what I had in Restoran Taman Batu @ Jalan Kuching or Restoran Tai Dee @ Kepong. Different doesn’t mean it is not good. Just that this time the lards are visible. I know tasty food is never healthy but it is just hard to resist the lard + the Cheong Jing Sauce.

Lastly I ordered a pork dish. This one they served with man tou. I totally forget what is this dish called but if you just tell the waiter the Chiu Pai Pai Kuat (house specialty pork rib), I am pretty sure they know. This is totally a must try dishes.

We spent about RM 130 including drinks for a table for four. Will I come back again? For the sake of the Chiu Pai Pai Kuat, oh yea.. I will come back for sure.


Restoran Wah Tin @ Kepong

343, Batu 7, Jalan Kepong, Kuala Lumpur,

52100 Wilayah Persekutuan

Tel: + 603 – 6277 1078

GPS: 3.209472,101.65069

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  1. Xing says:

    spotted a spelling mistake. the port rib? and how come a big crab only cost rm12? or they offer crab shell only?

  2. Tofu looks tempting to try. Is it to much spicey or it has mild taste?

    • TikkoSS says:

      The tofu itslf is not spicy at all.. the sauce is made from the mixture of egg and mince prawn.. it tastes almost like claypot tofu .. except not in claypot

  3. Eli says:

    tempting.. did Ho Chiak recommend this place before? looks familiar =D

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