Bloggers’ Gathering at Pavillion KL

What do you usually do when you come to KL? Shopping? That is nothing unusual. Don’t tell me that you’re visiting tourist spots?? That is nothing great too. If I tell you I have a better suggestion, will you take into consideration? To add some flavor to it, what about meeting up with fellow leng chais and leng luis? Wink wink!

Glow happens to be in KL last Friday. DO what? She purposely arranged her very first meet up with fellow Nuffnang bloggers. Kinda last minutes invitation but we all are efficient bloggers. Eh hem. So, even last minutes did not stop us from gathering all up.

Guess who else were there? Oh yea.. all your favorite bloggers manage to make their presence. Who else if notTehTarikMemoirs, Xing, Chuen, TikkoSS, Suresh89 and Doris. Nothing come in between when comes to bloggers’ gathering, not even Friday work, hustle bustle city congestion and all sorta challenges.

If you cannot join this time, don’t give lame excuses such as no money la..bla bla bla.. You don’t need to be rich to join us. In fact, we met up in one of the fast food restaurant, Carl’s Junior. Well, if you on diet, a glass of drink will do too. What important is the crowd that counts, right?

Shy? Not a sociable person? We normally start of slow by self introduction. Then of course follow by common topic on blogging. It gets excited when everyone sharing their interesting experience, especially the personal one. Blogging is not just about writing blog only but to enhance your knowledge and build up your interpersonal skills. That is exactly the time for you to put everything in practice.

If you are birthday boy/girl, just say it and we will make something special for you. Suresh89 happens to be the center of the attraction that day. Glow decided to sponsor some small cupcakes to cherish his Happy “Getting Older” celebration. I can tell you, he nearly burst into tears. TOUCH lor.. what else?

We moved to Snowflakes soon after Carl’s Junior. Don’t expect us to only stay at one location right? It is “Dessert Time”.. Oh yes ! Never say no to dessert especially where there are girls factor involved.  Just RM 6 ++ for a big bowl of dessert and it is kinda cheap to be honest. I am very sure that I need not introduce this place as many already familiar with it.

Always remember to bring your camera along. Bloggers’ gathering always involves a lot of photo shooting. The moment when all male bloggers like it. Is it because we are pervert? OF course not. All of us are gentleman, ok? Just that we need some girl touch in our blog to drive the traffics.

With those photos, male readers will automatically flow into your blog for sure :P . What if you want to attract girls reader? camDUCK? Unfortunately, it does not works that way. CamDUCK just not right? Well, at least I don’t get use to it, YET!

Cam moment also to capture all our smiley faces which will definitely embrace our memory when we look back at these photos again. The warmth and happy feelings still flowing in my vein when I blog about this.

It is hard to share fun time in writing as words are just too limited to express it. You just have to feel it when you are there. If you do not want to lose all the fun, stay tune and join us next time. Never too late!

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  1. Lady Kaka says:

    Wow, what a great gathering!^^ You guys had fun arr…nice!

    Err…you guys went to Snowflake after that arr? So, for the next gathering with me you still wanna make it at Snowflake? :P

    • TikkoSS says:

      Hey.. i got no prob with that.. beside it is with different crowd right? snowflakes is just a time filler.. more importantly U hahaha

  2. Glo-w says:

    So know you know for sure I’m a girl right? lols…
    Ah, I still havent blogged about it yet. But it was a pleasure meeting up with you good looking people. My 1st time meeting NN bloggers! Thanks for making it so fun and memorable~

    • TikkoSS says:

      I just discovered. lol. hahaha.. i know im abit slow ok.. I love when you say good looking people. I bet it was referring me to certain extend.. lol. im having great fun too!

  3. Chuen says:

    I feel happy looking at these pics too! Really glad to meet everyone that day! Waiting for Suresh to upload the remaining pics then can start borrowing pictures. hehe~

  4. best.lunchbreak.EVER! :d

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