Stop Child Abuse

Hey white trash! You idiot! Sluts! Besides rude, do you know that calling your kids all that are also a form of child abuse? It is called Emotional/Psychological abuse. 

Stop pointing fingers. It can be from you, parents, teachers, siblings, social cliques or even bullies in school.

Few weeks back, I blogged about i) Stop Child Abuse – Physical Abuse, ii) Stop Child Abuse – Sexual Abuse and this time I am going to highlight particularly on Emotion/Psychological Abuse and Neglect.

What is emotional/psychological child abuse? And what is neglect?

The former one is the failure to provide conducive environment for the child upbringing will interfere with child’s mental health and social developments. It ranges from simple verbal insult to an extreme form of punishment which will cause long lasting negative psychiatric effect.

The later one can be divided into 3 basic types such as i) physical neglect, ii) educational neglect and iii) emotional neglect.

Why am I combining Emotional/Physiological abuse and neglect together? Firstly because more children suffer from these than from physical and sexual abuse combined. On top of that, both exist with some overlap.

Repeated neglect is a cruel abuse and it is commonly occurs. Physical neglect is the failure of providing basic necessity, education neglect is the failure of enrolling children to proper school and emotional neglect includes failure to provide emotional support love and affection to children.

To me, I do not want to see any form of child abuse because those are the cruelest acts to innocent and defendless kids.

We can make a difference by “RAISE YOUR HAND, STOP CHILD ABUSE NOW!” Support  “STOP Child Abuse” and report to the authority if you happen to know that anyone is committing in these violent acts. 

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Special thanks to UNICEF, Sony and NuffnangMY for promoting “RAISE YOUR HAND, STOP CHILD ABUSE NOW!” campaign.

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