DiGi Angels Internet Gathering @ Grand Modesto’s

Last Friday, many of my friends invited me for outing as usual but I rejected them. Why? I was invited by Nuffnang to join the DiGi Angels Internet Gathering @ Grand Modesto’s, Jalan P. Ramlee.

I must say that the traffic is really bad but I have successfully arrived at 7pm sharp. This is a nice and cosy hangout place to spend on Friday Night. If you decided to go for fine dining and partying later, this is might be the place that you are looking for.  

Few weeks ago, Nuffnang organized DiGi iPhone 4 the Win contest. The contest achieved a record breaking of 2000 + submissions, the highest submissions in Nuffnang contest to date. So, that day is the judgement day to announce who is the winner of the contest. 5 shortlisted finalists were pre-selected and other participants were also invited to cherish the atmosphere.  

Besides announcing the winner of iPhone 4, DiGi provided the latest models of smartphone for Nuffnang bloggers to review them. If happens that the DiGi yellow man likes the reviews, the reviewer can walk away with complimentary smart phone. Attactive isn’t it? I managed to meet up with Tim, the Nuffnang co-founder and other DiGi reps and Nuffnangs reps on that day. COOL !

On top of that, I finally get to meet with all bloggers who usually hide behind screens. Most of us are strangers to one another but immediately after we mentioned our blog name, the ice is breaked. Infact, I am quite familiar with most of them in virtual world.

Speaking about fine dining, Modesto’s serves very nice dinner starting from appertizers, salad, pasta, pizza and last but not least the desserts. Although the portions are a bit small for a big eater like me, I enjoyed the scrumptious taste of all the dishes. The desserts are my particular favorites.

If you think the gathering is just a fine dinning and that is it? NO..You are wrong.  There are plenty of games and happening events that are arranged just for us. Starting from team name and posing competitions, DiGi tweeter games and many more. As you can see, all Nuffnang bloggers are very spontaneous, flexible and exciting when you get to know them.  

Besides that, there is a competition of DiGi iPhone4 games and DiGi Free Your Ideas too. It doesn’t matter about how good you are in games because many hands were shivering as they were the only few representatives who determine the fate of their team. Some team members even gave some pressure at the side.

After all the exciting team games, there are few presenters from both Nuffnang and DiGi were giving some short and meaningful speeches. We were introduced with new Smartphone products, DiGi updates and DiGi package etc. It is not boring but informative speeches to make  the DiGi Angels aware about DiGi next direction.

Now, the moment that everyone is excited about, the announcement of DiGi iPhone4 winner. Ho Wei Jie who happens to sit in my table won the iPhone4. He is the happiest man on earth that night but I am glad that I know him in person. Immediately after that was the annoucement of lucky draw bloggers to be the first to review all the new smartphones.

Lastly, the event ended with prize giving ceremony and group photos.  I must say that this is the first official gathering that I joined Nuffnang and I enjoyed so much. I am looking forward for the next events and to meet with many other bloggers. Thank you Nuffnang, DiGi and all Nuffnang bloggers to make this event exciting.

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  1. JoyceW says:

    Hey!!! Found your blog. :)
    Nice meeting you that night and sharing the same table. I like your pictures arrangement. Nice work! ;)

    • TikkoSS says:

      hey..Joyce … congrax on becoming the first one to review the smartphone.. more interesting post will be up very soon.. nice meeting u too… :P

  2. Glad you had fun :) nice food, good games and an awesome gathering! Cheers!

  3. JAI says:

    Wahhh..nice entry bro..well explaination..hope we’ll meet again in next event organised by NN

  4. nikel says:

    we meet once..but i meet many time at here..wahaha

  5. Jamie says:

    I see myself in one of those pix ahha. hey I steal some of ur pix for my post ok cz that time (until now pfft. except now my mom took back my compact camera) my dslr is in the canon center and tat 5D lens can only take pix close up. T_T.

  6. Amir says:

    nice post but i didnt win the iphone4 :(

  7. Blacklady says:

    Amazing post thanks! Wish I can join the event

  8. hahaha… saw lots of my pictures… nice post… really had a wonderful time at the gathering… it was my first official gathering with nuffnangers too…

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