World’s Coolest Intern

Stop searching because you just found a perfect intern! Cool is something that cannot be faked. It is either you have it or you don’t. Many tried to be cool but failed miserably due to the difficulties in keeping up with their coolness. Keep looking into mirror and hypnotize yourself that you are cool will not do any good too.

I, Danny Chew on the other hand, do not require all these artificial alternatives simply because the cool factor is naturally embedded in me. I have many innate talents that I will share with you in this post and YOU will decide if you agree with me.  

Humor is never separated from me. Why humor? Personally, the moment that you are comfortable in planting humors spontaneously in both writing and conversation, I can proudly say that you master the true communication skills.  Well, at least that is what defines me.  I feel comfortable and good about myself when I can put a smile to everyone’s face.

Sometimes I even laugh at myself when I crack some lame jokes. Nothing wrong to be different from others as long as you “be yourself” and keep your “cool’ to some rational level. Too much of something is never a good thing, right?

Many believe in first impression. I used to be one of them. Gradually, I realized that is only true to certain extent. The first impression is not a must but it will be a bonus if you have it. Your “cool” will be determined immediately after that by the way you dress, carry yourself, talk and how you present yourself. On top of that, many also look at your technical capabilities and deliverables of your tasks rather than relying solely on first impression.

I do not care too much about what other think of me but I am aware of how other will perceive me. My peers feel very comfortable working with me and they view me as friendly, presented myself in a positive way and I speak up my mind. Besides that, they view me as reliable, respectable, fast learner and competent team player.

In real world, we cannot avoid from conflicts. My mindset when I deal with conflict is I will listen and never argue. Controlling emotion is the key in resolving every conflict. First, I will take a deep breath. Then, I will address the issues in a professional manner by using appropriate language and never to allow my emotion to supersede my conscious. 

Those above are just part of me. In virtual world, I started my own blog 3 months ago. Everyone starts their own blog. So, how am I different from others? I started 3 different blogs at the same time. TikkoSS’s Blog (, TikkoSS’s Photoblog ( and TikkoSS’s Talk (  All these were set up with one common goal which is “Sharing my Senses, Experiences and Thought!” with my readers because I believe that the world is too big for one’s eye to see.

From non IT background, I have learned to set up a blog with my own domain and web hosting from scratch without any assistance from anyone.  These websites are up in about a week time or less. Many people ask me how? In fact, some of my friends even pay through their nose for courses, books and training to do so. My secrets are, I have a strong mindset and passion in learning new things, take up new challenges and delivering results in the shortest duration.

Not to mentioned, Facebook and Twittering are also parts of me now. My facebook  ( and Twitter ( accounts are newly created but I fall in love to those instantly. At the moment, I am working on getting a new smart phone to enable myself to continuously update my status (I have joined multiple Nuffnang contests and I can sense that the smart phone is very close to me :p ).

Click on the “Screenshots” to various TikkoSS’s websites

In real world, I love food, photography, travels, gadgets, cars etc. (Find out more in Like I said earlier, I have passion in learning new things. I started photography 3 months ago when I finally get myself a DSLR. I am Canon supporter by the way. I have travelled to many places, experienced and understood many walks of life and tried various local delicacies including exotic food.

Did I miss out my social life? How can I forget that? I keep proactive, flexible and happening lifestyle. Some even labeled me as “Energizer Bunny”. What is different about me is that I don’t dress to kill but I dress whatever that I want that make me comfortable. If you want your real friends to feel comfortable with you, you have to feel comfortable about yourself first.  They accept me as a good conversationalist that doesn’t use bad behavior to get attention and not over exaggerate with my expression. 

Recently, I get involved with Nuffnang activities and events to enlarge my circle of friends. Despite new in blogging community, I managed to fit in well. My personalities and interpersonal skills help in blending myself with various people that share about different topics, interests and passions.

I can tell you all “cool” things about me but I believe what you are looking for is also some of my outstanding achievements to tell you why I deserve to win the title of World Coolest Intern.

i)                    I am one of the top 27 in Malaysian Astronaut Program (currently a “dropout” as the real Malaysian Astronaut is already UP)..nothing to be proud of because that was just another chapter of my life but I can share my mindset with all bloggers that “nothing is impossible” and the greatness in ourselves.

Let me dig out some archive photos – to show that I am not bluffing that I am a dropout.


i)                    I am the main player in the Longest Non-Stop Debate: The Malaysia Book of Records but again, that is also another chapter of my life. What I notice consistently are most bloggers are juggling between full time work, blogging, outings, sports etc but my debating experiences will share with all readers on how to maximize the 24 hours without dropping any of the priority balls.

Not to mention, debating teaches how to deliver our thoughts which happen to be the key fundamentals for bloggers and the most prominent soft skills in real world.

The certificate below shows that I am genuine about what I shared.

I can write a short post to participate in this contest for the sake of participating it but if Standard Chartered Bank can invest so much to find the World Coolest Intern, I can do the same by putting more effort in my write-up to be THE RIGHT ONE.

For more details on this contest, please visit:

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  1. hildamilda says:

    Well written, I would say (: Good luck dude!

  2. Doris says:

    Awesome. You are so “Keng” with your background history. Now only I know you. You make my eyes open and speechless after reading your post above. Double thumb up for you and Good Luck, bro.

  3. joeanney says:

    interesting, nice post there

  4. Lynnie A. says:

    You’ll be a cool intern indeed LOL.
    Good luck max!

  5. feather says:

    woah!!! so amazing o.o
    I hope my life will same like urs`~~
    travel to many places~ join many many events~~
    so cool man!! >.<

  6. melmonica says:

    Wow, longest non-stop debate?? Awesome! Tikkos/ Danny/ Shen Shien. Whichever I should call you lolz!

  7. Xing says:

    wah! i didn’t realised you have so much achievement eh. for don’t know what reason i’m proud to have u as my friend. lol..

    This is a great post! and you’re not a bad writer la..

  8. Simon Har says:

    COOL!!! fly me to the moon XD

  9. Chuckie says:

    I see lotsa fun and achievement, gud luck to u.

  10. Golber says:

    Great blog! I like how everything is well written. I will be back to check for new posts. Nice achievements too ..

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