Meeting A New Friend

Last week, a teenage girl walked to me and my friend, Jim and warmly greeted us. We ended up buying her a nice dinner and have long chit chat.

Immediately after she left, I said to Jim, “Your friend is really nice and friendly. You should have introduced me to her earlier.” The Jim surprisingly replied, “I thought she is your friend?”

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  1. fzikuz says:

    ouh, so then, did you get her name? phone number?
    huoh, such a mysterious girl.. ^^

  2. Supia says:

    Oh, maybe next time when I am broke I should do that as well for free dinner.

  3. kelly c says:

    hahaha u drunk ar haha

  4. Zizy says:

    Hahaha.. damn.. kinda funny.. how come you are so blur ??

  5. Evan says:

    i just wanna thank you for your jokes.. LMAO

  6. Munica says:

    LMAO.. hahaha.. wtf.. how come u so blur one

  7. Chika says:

    Wahh.. Jim is actually a friend of yours????? :P hahaha. I thought he was just a made up character. Hahahaha..

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