Inniters’ 1st Gathering (Part 1)

The moment that most of us are waiting for is finally here - Friday 22 Oct 2010 @ 7pm. This date marked our very first Inniters’ Gathering. In short, Innit is Nuffnanger’s blog aggregator and Nuffnang is Asia Pacific’s First Blog Advertising Community.

Melissa decided to organize the outing in Marche @ The Curve. By taking into account the rubber time, many arrived at the venue at about 8 pm, although the time was set at 7 pm. Like usual, traffic jam was the main excuse :P

I must say that this is a perfect venue as we managed to secure a ‘private’ section for this event. Many like to be here as there are varieties of delicious food and drink to be chosen. Not to mention, the price is reasonable too.

Sherry and Melissa were the first to arrive followed by Jessica. In this kind of event, guys are normally the latecomers (not gentleman enough :P ) and that including me. I arrived at 7.01 pm (precisely 1 min late). My excuse was somewhat different, I said “I went to toilet ..” nervous ma.

In the pictures above (from left to right) Sherry, Melissa, JessicaJimmy, Doris, Vince,  Simon, Xing  and TikkoSS (not in the pic – the self proclaimed “official photographer” :P )

The event started with ice breaking. Wait a minute, we totally forget about the ice breaking part.. hehe.. All girls started to mingle around – as if they have known each other for ages and guys, on the other hand, typically me are a bit shy but I managed to pull a prank on Jimmy when I requested him to introduce himself for 5 – 1o min :P

Camwhoring was actually not part of the whole events but somehow Sherryand geng managed to slot that in. I have tried my very best to sort these pictures – many told me that the pictures must make them look sexy, hot, slim, classy bla bla bla. Honestly, camera don’t lie .. hehe .. Don’t get me wrong all girls here are very pretty and I am very lucky to tag along.

Now, comes all the delicious foods that we ordered e.g. crepes, chicken chop, 1/2 chicken, pumpkin cheese cake, salad (I guess) and many more. The problem with the blogger outing is when the Food Bloggers are there. We ended up spending about few minutes to take all the nice shots !

Some tips for next outing, Food bloggers are not invited :P .. Ops ! Does that include myself too? Let me rephrase, for next outing, we only allocate 1 minute for bloggers to take pictures and that’s all :p . The food look scrumptious, right? They are mainly because i) tasty food ii) nice food presentation and iii) because TikkoSS is the photographer.. hahaha.

The whole atmosphere turned into pin drop silence when everyone starts to eat.  Well, it only lasted for few seconds only.. hehe.. Then Sherry decided to pose with all the handsome guys around and personally, I think both Vince and Sherry make a perfect couple :P (check on the lower left in the picture below. Don’t you think so too?

One scenic moment was when Sherry decided to order 1/2 chicken when she cannot even finished it. Sherry is not a big eater at all. Then this popped up in my mind, ” Maybe Sherrycan become my nutritionist to slim me down too ! ” I haven’t ask her about the secret of staying slim but I will ask her during the next outing. Her secret might helps in deflating my dunlopillow tummy.

Jimmy is one lucky guy that night. All girls rushing to take pictures with him. I don’t know why and I am envy of him. Nah.. just kidding.. I am not desperate at all.

If you think all that I have shared earlier are nothing interesting, you are wrong ! The dinner continued with birthday surprise for  Jimmy. He is legally 21 now. Ops, I should not mention his age ! I tell you, he is so touched and his face turned red – he was nearly in tears.

Then we literary  forced him to give 5 minutes speech and he actually did ! I think Melissa did record it down (including his “near crying” voice) .. hehe.. Jimmy is going to kill me for writing this..

The birthday boy, Jimmy got lucky with 4 girls and all other guys including me just sat there – staring with jealous eyes. got lucky sound dodgy .. Got lucky = photoshoot with all hot girls .. not the one that you have in mind. Besides that, he got 4 movie tickets to YOU AGAIN ! but unfortunately he didn’t share with us :(  

If you think that this is it for the Inniters’ Gathering? You are definately wrong. Stay tune for the second part tomorrow. You will know about bloggers’ bad habits, underage and alcohol, excruciating live band and last but not the least, for you to find out :p… hahaha..

Written by: TikkoSS’s Blog

Photograph by: TikkoSS’s Photoblog

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  1. sherry says:

    i want those pictures!!!! :)

  2. emilycwt says:

    wow nice food :D saliva dripping…

  3. evelynwann says:

    woots, it seems like you all know each other for long looks fun!!

  4. Chuen says:

    Looks fun! And nice food too :D

  5. ken says:

    having bloggers gathering is pretty cool :)

  6. hildamilda says:

    So I suppose it’s a success and you guys should plan for the 2nd gathering alrdy? :D

  7. Nana Eddy says:

    awww…. wish i was there… well, next time i will!

  8. Vince says:

    Goodness, why scandal-ify sherry and me ah..

  9. Tandy says:

    Wow.. nice post you have.. enjoy reading your write – up

  10. NinjaLady says:

    Aww.. i miss this.. wish i can join u guys next time..

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