Tsingtao Beer

Many say beer is “White Man Tea”. Is it true? I don’t know but to me, beer is a common drink nowadays regardless of your skin color. This time, let me share with you some “chinese” made beer. Not Carlsberg, not Tiger or Heineken but Tsingtao Beer. I am not sure how many of you know about TsingTao beer but the first time when I came across this brand is when I was in Miri. I am not a big fan of beer because beer generally bitter and taste like beer..duh :P

Tsingtao Beer originated from a place called Qing Dao (Tsingtao). Qing Dao is a port sub-provincial city in the Shandong province of China. Tsingtao beer is brewed with high quality ingredients, special yeast, classic brewing craft and unique aging process. What I know is this beer has won Chinese National Gold prizes for 7 times. Enough of history lesson, let’s talk about the beer itself.

I bought this can of beer for RMB 3 which is equivalent to RM 1.50. Cheap isn’t it? I bet you cannot get beer for that amount of money. Like all other beers, Tsingtao beer is best to serve cold. Duh.. 

What amaze me about this beer is that, it has less bubbles as compare to most of the beer. Regardless of weather the beer is cold or warm, the likelihood of forming the bubble (formy layer) is low but of course, it depends on your pouring skills too :P .

I don’t know how to comment much about beer as I am not a master in drinking but to me, this beer is less bitter and taste smoother as compare to other brand. The alcohol content is rather low as compare to other brand of beer. The alcohol content is only 3.8% alcohol by weight or 4.8% alcohol by volume with zero fat content and 157 calories per 12-ounce serving.  

All I can say is, beer is a bitter drink and personally I don’t quite like it but Tsingtao beer can be labelled as one of my favorite among all. If you happen to be a loyal supporter of other brand of beer, don’t change it or else you are not loyal anymore .. hehe.. but give a try on this one too !

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  1. Wilma says:

    Nice post.. particularly like this

  2. a white man’s tea huh? tell that to the white folks! haha!


  3. Marisol says:

    I never tried this beer before. Maybe i can give it a try..

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