Pokemon Noodles House

My nephew is a crazy fan of Pokemon. He always pika here and pika there. What can I do with this 4 years old? A bit annoying when I tried to catch some nap and when I work on something serious. Sometimes, his actions are just so cute and that is also how I learned about almost all the cartoon characters, not just limited to Pokemon only.

Knowing that I am abit paranoid with Pokemon, my friend claims that there is a restaurant called Pokemon Noodles House. Thought he is pulling my leg, so I put a bet of RM 10 and I lost it.. sigh..

The Pokemon Noodles House actually exist in Taman Seri Sinar, Kepong, about 7 min drive from Mont Kiara. The noodles house is very famous in this area and the place is usually crowded over the weekend. Many decided to have breakfast with family here.

This noodles house specialties are Pan Mee. They serve varities of Pan Mee including plain soup pan mee, loh pan me, assam pan mee, spicy pan mee, dry pan mee and tom yam pan mee.   Over here you have a choice of hand made or machine made pan mee. The price is ranging from RM 4-4.50 for small bowl and RM 4.50-5 for big bowl. Even a small bowl is big for me !

I ordered loh pan mee, tom yam pan mee and plain pan mee to give a try. The plain pan mee tastes better than most places, the loh pan mee and tom yam pan mee are very new to me. I tried tom yam before, I tried pan mee before but combination taste of those 2 in one bowl are just so amazing. Apparently, this place serves fish cake too which cost about RM 4 per piece.  

Don’t get shock when I finished all three bowl. It is not that I finished all three by myself. I have two helpers with me :P

This place closes every fortnight on Thursday and starts operating from 8am – 4 pm daily. If this place is nearby at your place, feel free to drop by.


Pokemon Noodles House

GPS: 3.189633, 101.652656

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  1. shuwen says:

    WAH, pikachu also got eat pan mee one ar ? :D Love the signboard omg !

  2. Dylan says:

    it would be better if the whole restaurant was done in a Pokemon Theme. :D

  3. Ronnie says:

    Agree with Dylan..the whole place should have more Pokemon stuff…!! maybe a display cabinet or something like that !!

  4. taley says:

    Haha nice. Restaurants are running out of ideas for names. lol. There’s actually a mickey mouse zi char place also, and it’s pretty nice. You should try it out :)

    • TikkoSS says:

      wah.. issit.. ? where where where? seem like those cute cartoon character name really their best selling point yea.. is that place good?

  5. taley says:

    It’s in KL! Haha at errr bintang there, there’s this whole rows of zi char place that opens at night. Hmmm. Not sure what is the road name =/ It’s near times square, bb plaza, sungei wang around there.. :)

  6. taley says:

    Haha alright. It’s like at the very end of the row. And supposedly must eat salted egg crab, recommended by my bf. But I didn’t try that the last time I went there. Maybe you can try and tell me. Haha.

  7. hildamilda says:

    HAHA a good tactic of buying kids to drag their parents to dine there with the hope of seeing pokemon but ended up only have pan mee instead :P

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