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This happened at the Spa & Beauty Centre when a customer requested a private room for her facial appointment. By having a mask on, she can only rely on her ears to determine if the therapist is in the room or not. A common sound of door open and close indicates that the therapist is either going out or coming in.

One day, she is having stomachache and felt uneasy when she wants to fart. She heard the door open and close when she asked, “Is anyone there? Hellooo?” Seem like no one in the room.” She no longer can hold it and started to fart. The fart starts with single fart, followed by multi combo fart, wet fart etc. It lasted about 5 min.

The therapist felt uncomfortable with the smells and ask her if she needs any assistance. Feeling embarrassed, she ask, ”I thought I asked if anyone in the room?” The therapist replied, “I was on Ipod earlier.”

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