Restoran Taman Batu @ Jalan Kuching

Translation of words are so funny sometime. e.g. Joystick = batang gembira? (don’t think aside ya :P ). Let me not dig into details on what comes to your mind. This translation thinggy just happen to came across my mind when I visited Taman Batu. Sound awkward right ? dull? If the name change to Rock Garden, hmm.. maybe it sounds nicer.. 

While driving in this neighbourhood, my hungry mode kicks in. Not to mention that I am not familliar with this area, I have no clue where to find a proper meal. In the midst of searching, this restaurant caught my sight. It is called Restoran Taman Batu.

From the outside, it looks like normal and ordinary Chinese restaurant. When I walked in, it is also like a normal Chinese restaurant… hehe.. if you have been to most of the Chinese restaurants, you will know what I mean. Table with red or yellow cloth, normal plastic chair, teapot and more importantly, the pictures menu on the wall. So it will not be a problem if you don’t speak Chinese – you can just point !  

Speaking of good and delicious Cheong Jing fish in my last post at Restoran Tai Dee @ Kepong, this restaurant do serves Cheong Jing fish too. I ordered one cin cai (if you read my previous post, you will know what I meant), Cheong Jing fish,  steam eggs with soy sause and home made tofu. Funny enough, you will find most of the Chinese Restaurant serves home made tofu. It is really homemade? I have no comments on that.

Despite not knowing the place well, all the 4 dishes that I ordered taste real good. The portions are just nice for 4. From chatting with the restaurant owner, I learned that the place usually get very crowded during the dinner time. The weekend or weekdays have no exceptions. Sometimes you have to queue for the seat.

Although I am new to that restaurant, I didn’t get slaughter after a good meals. All the nice dishes with drinks only cost about RM 63.40 for 4 pax. We all managed to finish all the food on tables before we continue our journey to hunt for more food so that we can share more with you next time. 


Restoran Taman Batu

No. 25 & 28, TKT Bawah, Jalan A, Taman Batu, Off Jalan Kuching,

52000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan.

Tel: +603 – 6258 9768

Handphone: +6012- 288 8768

GPS: 3.200388,101.66497

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