Lost in KL

A close friend of mine was lost in KL when he called me for help.

Alvin: Hey buddy. Can you do me a favor? I am lost.

Buddy: Yes. Where are you?

Alvin: I don’t know where am I. I am not familliar with KL roads. Can you please guide me to KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Centre)?

Buddy: Don’t worry, I am here. Can you please tell me the nearest landmark.

Alvin: I can see two very tall buildings with a bridge in the middle from here. It seems like the buildings are connected.

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  1. jolene says:

    isn’t that 2 connected building klcc?

  2. Simon Har says:

    this is the lamest thing i read today!

  3. ericleeh says:

    LOL…can ask passerbys right?

  4. darranlow says:

    Hahahaha! Nice one!! I wonder if the person did a *face palm*?

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